James Cook University Singapore Review

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I had a video call with James Cook University Singapore alumni, Xiang Tian who enrolled into James Cook University Singapore’s Pre-university Foundation Program, went on to the Bachelor of Psychological Science and then the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours).

Having spent so many years in JCU Singapore, I wanted him to provide an honest review about his experience in James Cook University Singapore.

In this video, we discuss his experience with studying in the different programmes in JCU Singapore, social life and campus activities and he gives his overall opinion about the university.

He doesn’t hold back his punches in the overall opinion asking the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Why are tuition fees at JCU Singapore so expensive?”

Disclaimer: While I’m the Manager, Marketing and School Engagement at the Singapore campus of James Cook University, this video was filmed as a personal project and is not sponsored, endorsed or approved by the Singapore campus of James Cook University.

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