The Straits Times - Kenneth Chan

The Straits Times - Starting off on the right foot (1/2/19)

“This is not the right place for you.” Mr Kenneth Chan does not hesitate to say this to prospective students at the Singapore campus of James Cook University (JCU Singapore).

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MediaCorp - SG Explorers 全民出来走走 - EP4 (22/4/19)

MediaCorp Channel 8 featured the JCU Museum of Video and Computer Games. Curated and founded by Prof Roberto Dillon, I help out at the museum on top of my regular work duties. Kenneth Chan - Conversation with Kenneth Chan (27/6/19)

"Often, people think that all I have to do is recite a list of unique and special features of the courses offered by James Cook University to convince a prospective student to sign up. ​ That is far from the truth."

逗号| 早报 - Kenneth Chan

逗号| 早报 - 成长岁月里的游戏机 (2/10/19)

Dou Hao, a chinese newspaper for secondary school students covered the JCU Museum for Video and Computer Games. ​ Curated by A/Prof Roberto Dillon, I'm one of the staff taking turns with the professor to host visitors to the museum.