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An innovative marketeer with lots of creativity and always think out of the box. Kenneth is part of my Singapore team member that I managed.
I am greatly amazed by his creativity at times. He is a fun loving colleague that always keeps you happy and I really enjoy working alongside with him.
He is definitely an asset for any organization that needs someone who possesses such skills. I am happy to recommend Kenneth to any potential company in the near future.
I worked with Kenneth since 2017 and he is a very professional marketing expert with many experiences. He is a creative marketing talent in my team and never fails to come up with innovative ideas to assist the team in achieving performance. He is a good team player and also a booster to the team members when in need.
Meanwhile, I should say that he is very pleasant to work with because he is always positive and supportive to the people he deals with.
He is a great asset to my team and our organization!