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Whether you’re the kind of person that gets annoyed by businesses that have customer facing staff that like to hide behind generic telephone numbers and emails or if you’re a Karen who’s looking to speak to a manager, you might appreciate this post.

Here’s how you can contact almost anyone in JCU Singapore in just 2 steps:

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Type “Singapore” into the search box, check the reCaptcha and click “Submit”

jcu search bar

search results

That’s it!

You get pretty much everyone’s emails but only some staff member’s direct extension numbers are listed. But if you’re here, you’re probably looking to contact managers and directors.

They’re all listed here.

But here’s a freebie for those of you who can’t even be bothered to do all that. I’ve compiled the list of key people that Karens might want to contact.

Contact List of Key Persons at James Cook University Singapore

Name Position Email Contact
PROF Abhishek Bhati
Campus Dean & Head of Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement
MISS Shanti Mudaliar Subramanian
Director Admissions, Academic Services and Progression
MS Shobha Devi
Director, Human Resources Management
MR Andrew Chew
Director, Marketing
MR Thomas Chong
Associate Director, External Relations
MS Pinky Sibal
Senior Manager, Branding and Marketing
MR Kelvin Ng
Associate Director, Student Services
MS Swan Kor
Manager, Student Services
MS Joan Belen
MS Gretchen Lim
Executive Student Support (Attendance Management)
MR Quek Yongwee
Executive Student Support (Attendance Management)

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