How You Can Become a Psychologist in Singapore Without Experience (2020)

In this blog post, I will provide you with undeniable proof of how you can be a psychologist and practice in Singapore without any experience.

You only need to follow my simple strategy to achieve your dream of becoming a psychologist.

This strategy is really just a one step process.

Step 1: Call yourself a psychologist

Congratulations! You’re now a psychologist and can start to practice!

Sorry for the click bait title, but don’t click away just yet.

According to the Singapore Psychological Society, the practice of psychology in Singapore is not regulated by the government. They go so far as to state on their website that anyone may call themselves a psychologist and practice!

In fact, registration into the Singapore Register of Psychologists is voluntary.

But knowing this, I personally believe that it’s even more important for legitimate psychologists to take steps towards getting themselves registered into the Singapore Register of Psychologists.

I believe there is a need for this is because psychologists work with vulnerable groups and registration can put a client’s mind at ease.